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New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
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Min White

Min is the owner of Manali Henna, and has been doing henna body art for nine years, professionally for five.  She runs a creative workshops company teaching a wide variety of children's and adults' arty crafts.  Min loves travelling and has been most fortunate to be able to travel overseas to learn henna art from some of the best artists in the world. 

Min does the larger and more intricate bridal mehndi, and pregnant belly henna, and teaches our workshops, but also loves the fun atmosphere of summer festival henna work all over New Zealand.   As well as studying traditional henna designs, Min is introducing Polynesian design to henna body art and exploring ways of using henna off the body in modern tapa cloth, fabric design, drum skins and canvases.

"I like the lightness of spirit you experience on the inside, when you transform some of the outside you with transient artwork.  It's magic."

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