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100g box of Jamila:  $9.20
100g pouch of Rajasthani organic-certified:  $11.20

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Unlike most henna you buy commercially, this henna paste is fresh and does not contain undeclared dangerous chemicals.  Natural henna paste is perishable.  Use within two days or freeze for storage.  Handmade by us.

Paste contains:  Pure henna leaf powder - Jamila/Rajasthani blend, lemon juice, molasses, essential oils of cajeput and manuka, or lavender in the Belly Blend.

Cone of Manali Blend henna paste: $5.00
30ml Luer Lock bottle of Manali Blend henna paste: $12.00
Cone of Belly Blend henna paste for pregnancy:  $5.00
30ml Luer Lock bottle of Belly Blend henna paste for pregnancy:  $12.00

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Our kits are put together fresh when you order.  Say no to stale henna that has sat on shop shelves for months!

Basic Henna Body Art Kit  $20

Kit contains:  2 x 15g application cones of fresh henna paste, instructions, practice sheet, design sheet, alcohol wipes, precision cotton tips.

Mix-it-yourself Kit:  $30

Kit contains:  100g box of Jamila henna powder, 30ml essential oil blend, 5 application cones, instructions, recipes, practice sheet, design sheet, alcohol wipes, precision cotton tips.

You need to add:  liquid (lemon juice, black tea or water), molasses or sugar, sellotape to close cones.

Henna Party Kit:  $30

Kit contains:  5 x 10g application cones of fresh henna paste, instructions, practice sheets, design sheet, alcohol wipes, precision cotton tips, glitter pouf bottle.

Belly Henna Kit:   $25

Bridal Mehndi Kit:  $55

Glitter Tattoo Starter Kit:  $25

Glitter Mehndi Starter Kit:  $25

Glitter Mehndi Kit:  $47


Cajeput 30ml:  $12.00
Lavender 30ml:  $19.00
Manali Henna blend - Cajeput, Lavender, Geranium, 30ml: $16
Bridal Henna blend - Cajeput, Geranium, Ylang ylang, 30ml: $18

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Pre-cut floraphane for cones, 20 x assorted patterns:  $5.00
Pre-rolled cones, 5 x assorted patterns:  $5.00 
Cone-rolling kit: 20 x pre-cut floraphane, template, instructions, tape:  $10.00
Luer Lock sets - 1oz bottle, locking cap, 1 plastic tip, three metal tips #17, #19, #21:  $12.00
Precision cotton tips for oopsies!  Pack of 20:  $4.00
Alcohol wipes:  Pack of 20:  $4.00

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30 ml spray misting bottle of lemon sugar sealer with Manali Henna oil blend for scent:  $8.00 
Sealing kit containing 30 ml lemon sugar sealer, cotton balls and paper medical tape:  $15.00
Aftercare balm:  beeswax, shea butter and manuka:  $5.00

Getting the best out of your henna design with aftercare


Swarovski crystals,

Vial of acrylic body adhesive

Cosmetic-grade glitters

Glitter tattoo stencils

Why it matters whether you use proper body glitters or craft glitters

Temptu body art paints

More information about embellishing your body art


100g Henna for hair  $8.50

100g Indigo  $11.20

100g Cassia  $11.20

100g Amla $11.20

Hair colouring kit:  latex or vinyl gloves, disposable shower cap, instructions,

Hair colouring application bottles

More information about colouring your hair naturally


Floriade $20

Sample pages and galleries of artwork from our books


We can arrange Gift Vouchers for you for whatever value you wish.  Vouchers can cover body art services, body art supplies, or a combination.  Body art services only apply in locations where we have affiliated artists working.


Bleach henna t-shirts $30

Felted dreads:

- single dread $5

- set of 5 dreads $20



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