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New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
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Photo use guidelines

We work hard to practice our art, gather nice photographs, and display our work for customers. 

Using our designs:

It's fine to use our designs, do them yourself in henna, take a photograph of your henna work and post it wherever you like.  You don't have to, but it's polite to credit us for the design - you earn brownie points with the henna community  :-) 

For any other commercial use of our designs, such as t-shirts or tattoos, or in design books, even if you're altering them slightly, you will need to talk to us first. 

Using our photographs:

It is intensely discouraging when dishonest artists steal the photographs of other artists and post them on their own websites, Facebook pages, in their stalls, or books of designs for customers to choose from, as if it were their own hard work.  Just because it shows in a Google image search, that does NOT make it legal to take and use as you please.  Our photographs are copyright to us and to our photographers.

Here is what you may NOT do with our photographs:

  • You must not post our photographs on another henna artist/supplier website without our permission. 
  • You must not post our photographs on a Facebook page, or any other social media page, as an example for your customers of 'the kind of work you can do.'
  • You must not post our photographs in any commercial listings for another artist's henna services.
  • You must not use our photographs to advertise products for sale without our permission.
  • You must not put our photographs in your henna stall or design folders without our permission.
  • You must not erase or crop out our watermark.

This is what we will allow:

  • You may post our photographs on henna forums, with our watermark intact, and a link back to our website, to illustrate something being discussed.
  • You may blog about our henna work, using our photographs, with our watermark intact, and a link back to our website, provided you allow us to check over any henna information you are giving.  We don't want to accompany misinformation.
  • If it is you in the photograph, or your event, you may repost the photograph to show people, leaving the watermark intact.  Contact us if you need a high-resolution version, or a watermark-free version for making prints. 
  • You may save our images to your own computer, for your own study purposes, leaving our watermark intact.  It's wise to save our name in the file name so you know who to credit later if you copy our design.

If you use our photographs or designs commercially without permission, you will be invoiced the license fee per photograph or design automatically.  If you do so on Facebook, we will request Facebook to remove our copyright image, which may result in your page being deleted.  You will also get an FPoD.  Be afraid!

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